Barbecued Meat recipes

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The mighty kebob, you can find it everywhere in Iran. It is served everywhere, from palaces to roadside stalls. It has inspired many a marinades. It has sealed many deals. It has brought families closer together. Like they say, a family that skewers together, stays together. Okay, maybe there is no saying like that. But you get the idea.

Barbecued Corn Cob

corn cob bbq


Persian style corn on the cob barbecued over a charcoal fire then dunked in salt water.

This may not sound like much, but the taste of freshly barbecued corn dripping with salty water is incredible.

red arrow Barbecued Corn on the Cob

Grilled Calf Liver

bbq liver


Fresh calf liver barbecued over a charcoal fire, seasoned with salt and pepper, sprinkled with a dash of lime juice.

Served with warm flat bread, yogurt and green onions.

green arrow Barbecued Fresh Calf Liver

Grilled Beef

groundbeef kebobs

Kabob Kubideh

Ground-beef never tasted so good! Seasoned ground-beef placed on metal skewers and barbecued over a charcoal fire or broiled in the oven.

Served with plain steamed rice sprinkled with dried sumac.

green arrow Grilled Beef Kabob

Grilled Beef Steak

kebob soltani

Kabob Soltani

Mouth watering delicious beef steak strips marinated in yogurt along with onion and lemon juice, placed on skewers, basted with saffron butter mixture and grilled or broiled.

Served with steamed rice sprinkled with dried sumac and grilled tomatoes on the side.

green arrow Barbecued Steak Kabob

Barbecued Chicken

chicken kebobs

Jujeh Kabob

Juicy chicken strips or kabobs marinated in onion and lemon juice, placed on skewers, basted with saffron butter mixture and grilled or broiled.

Served with steamed rice and grilled tomatoes.

green arrow Barbecue Saffron Chicken Kebob

kebab - kabab - kabob

Spell it which ever way you perfer, kebab, kabab or kabob. On with the story.

"It's unlikely that a cooking technique as universal as roasting meat on a stick over a fire originated at any single time in any single country. But if it had, Iran would make a likely birthplace. Grilling has been part of Persian culture for hundreds, probably thousands, of years.

Look at 500-year-old Persian miniatures and you'll often find depictions of servants spit-roasting a chicken for a hunting party or setting skewers of meat above the fire. The 10th-century poet Ferdowsi makes room in his poetry for a detailed description of a veal marinade made with saffron, rosewater, musk and old wine. And, after all, that all-American cookout favorite "kebab" is the Persian word for grilled meat...." Read full article here.

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