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Drink Recipes

Persian have a wonderful habit of creating drinks from natural sources like fruits and vegetables and even dairy products.


hot tea

Hot Tea

National drink of Iran - tea leaves steeped in hot water and spiced with cardomon. Enjoed before meals, while shopping, when visiting friends, after dinner, etc,. Tea leaves steeped in hot water in a teapot kept warm on samovar.

Served piping hot in small, transparent glasses and sipped along with homemade suger cubes held in the mouth.

green arrow Hot tea


yogurt shake

Yoguart Shake

Doogh is a tangy yogurt based beverage popular in the Middle East and central Asia. A refreshing beverage made with yogurt, soda water and chopped spearment or peppermint.

green arrow Yogurt Mint Shake

Chai - Doogh - Sharbat

First the national obsession with hot tea made from high quality tea leaves. Doogh made from yogart mixed with soda water and flavored with mint. Coming soon, lots of wonderful and quick recipes for delicious drinks made from fruit juices, extracts and pureed fruit.

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