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Dessert recipes

persian dessert and bread recipes

Fresh fruits are most common dessert served after a meal, usually whatever fruit is in season.

But don't despair, there are plenty of desserts in Persian cuisine, and most turn out to be good for you. Also very common are nut brittles made from honey, sprinkled with sesame seeds, served with hot tea.

Naan Taftoon

flat bread taftoon

Persian Flat Bread

Preheat oven, mix together ingredients to make dough, roll out dough into slices and place into oven.

You'll have piping hot fresh flat bread in minutes.

green arrow Naan Taftoon Flat bread

Sher Berenj

rice pudding

Rice Pudding

Well Rice isn't just for meals is it? Rice kernals left to simmer in milk, blended with salt, cardamom and nuts.

Optionally, decorate with ground cinnamon and slivers of pistachio nuts.

green arrow Plain Rice Pudding

Naan Berenji

rice flour cookies

Rice Flour Cookies

Semi-sweet rice flour cookies made with butter, flavoured with rosewater and decorated with poppyseeds.

Soft and delicious cookies that melt in your mouth fresh out of the oven. Traditionally made for Nowruz (Persian New Year).

green arrow Rice Flour Cookies



Saffron Spread

The halva is spread thin on a plate and served either hot or cold, alongside bread or by itself.

Halva is served at funerals and on holidays. Decorated on top with slivers of almonds or pistachios.

green arrow Sweet Saffron Spread

Honey Flour Pudding

wet halva

Halva Asali

From Northern Iran, halva asali (honey halva) is different from other types of Iranian halva. It is prepared with rice flour rather than flour and sweetened with honey instead of sugar.

Halvardeh is the Iranian name for tahini-based halva.

green arrow Honey Rice Flour Pudding

Nun, Shereeni

Nun means 'bread' and Shereen means 'sweet' the Persian language

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