Dessert Pastery Bread recipes from Persia

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Fresh fruits are most common dessert served after a meal, usually whatever fruit is in season.

But don't despair, there are plenty of desserts in Persian cuisine, and most turn out to be good for you. Also very common are nut brittles made from honey, sprinkled with sesame seeds, served with hot tea.

Learn about Saffron spice

Spice made from the stigmas of saffron flower may well be the most amazing seasoning on the market.

Saffron adds rich flavour and exotic colour to your foods. High grade saffron stigmas contain potent amounts of nutrients necessary for good vision, healthy skin and a robust sexual appetite.

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Persian Flat Bread

Naan Taftoon

Preheat oven, mix together ingredients to make dough, roll out dough into slices and place into oven.

You'll have piping hot fresh flat bread in minutes.

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Rice Pudding

Sher Berenj

Doogh is a tangy yogurt based beverage popular in the Middle East and central Asia. A refreshing beverage made with yogurt, soda water and chopped spearment or peppermint.

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Rice Flour Cookies

Naan Berenji

Semi-sweet rice flour cookies made with butter, flavoured with rosewater and decorated with poppyseeds.

Soft and delicious cookies that melt in your mouth fresh out of the oven. Traditionally made for Nowruz (Persian New Year).

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