Persian Style Rice with Meat Recipes

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A main Persian cuisine style is a combination of rice with meat, either lamb, chicken, or fish along with vegetables and nuts. Fresh herbs are used along with fruits like plums, pomegranates, quince and prunes. Then flavored with saffron, dried limes or cinnamon to make a characteristically Persian taste.

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Dill Rice with Fried Fish

Sabzi Polo va Mahi

Sabzi means 'green herbs' in the Persian language. Basmati rice steamed with fresh parsley, coriander and green onions. Served with brazed or fried fish on the side.

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Beef Rice Tomatoe


Seriously this is such an easy dish to prepare and sure to suite most people's taste. Tasty and spice beef with tomatoes green beans and a sprinkle of raisins bring together the tangy tomatoes and spicy beef. Some people add potatoes, as well.

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Dill Rice with Stewed Lamb Shank

Baghali Polo va Gusht

Baghali means 'lima beans' and gusht means 'meat' in the Persian language. Basmati rice steamed with dill weed and lima beans and served with lamb stew.

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Beef Carrot Rice

Havij Polo

Havij means 'carrot' in the Persian language. Nutritious and sweet - Persian style rice steamed with carrots, beef chunks and a dash of cinnamon.

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Steamed Rice Beef Noodles

Resht-eh Polo

Resht-eh means 'noodles' in the Persian language. Try basmati rice blended with noodles, beef and spices to make a hearty meal called resht-eh polo.

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Steamed Rice w/ Lentils Chichen

Adas Polo ba Gusht

Adas or addas means 'lentils' and gusht means 'meat' in the Persian language. Basmati rice cooked with lentils, sprinkles with cashews, raisins and spices and served with broiled chicken on the side.

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Steamed Rice Beef Cabbage

Kalam Polo

Kalam means 'cabbage' in the Persian language. Rice steamed with cabbage mixed with spicy browned ground-beef makes for a very delicious and inexpensive meal.

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Persian Style Cabbage Rolls

Dolmeh Kalam

Kateh is a Persian style of rice boiled until sticky. It's simple and tasty when prepared correctly. Additionally, you can add dill-weed or caraway seeds to spice up the taste, or add lentils for a nutritious meal.

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Polo vs Chelo

Polo means 'steamed rice' in the Persian language or Farsi (Arabic pronunciation of Parsi).

Choosing the best type of rice: Rice is a major part of Persian cuisine. Outside of the country, Iranians reach for 'Basmati rice' which offers a close substitute in terms of flavor and aroma relative to popular homegrown varieties.

The word 'Polo' refers to 'rice' cooked with vegetables.
The word 'Chelo' refers to plain steamed 'rice'.