Persian Style Rice with Vegetable Recipes

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Rice is a major part of Persian cuisine. Outside of the country, Iranians reach for 'Basmati rice' which offers a close substitute in terms of flavor and aroma relative to popular homegrown varieties. When choosing which type of rice to buy, select good quality long or extra long grain.

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Plain Steamed Rice


Chelo means 'plain streamed rice' in the Persian language. Rice steamed then topped off with saffron. Rice is served on a platter formed in a mound shape. A small portion of rice is dipped in a saffron butter solution, then sprinkled on the mound.

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Steamed Rice with Lentils

Adas Polo

Adas means 'lentils' in the Persian language. A very tasty and nutritious dish made with Basmati rice steamed with lentils. It's relatively easy to prepare. You can add raisins for extra taste.

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Crusty Rice


Tahdeeg literally means 'bottom of the pot" in the Persian language. 'Tah' mean bottom and 'Deeg' means a cooking pot. Persian style plain steamed rice cooked until the rice at the bottom of the pot turns into a golden, crunchy crust. Caution this recipe may cause a commotion at your dinner table.

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Dillweed Rice with Lima Beans

Baghali Polo

This is one of my favorite Persian dishes, and not just me! Baghali Polo is a very popular Iranian dish made with steamed rice, lima beans or fava beans and seasoned with dill weed.

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Steamed Rice with Lentils and Dates

Adas Polo ba Khorma

Persian style plain steamed rice cooked with lentils, called adas polo ba khorma. The lentils and dates not only add a sweet taste, but they make this meal very nutritious.

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Steamed Rice with Barberries

Zereshk Polo

Zereshk means 'barberries' and polo means 'rice' in the Persian language. Rice steamed with zesty barberries, topped off with a saffron butter mixture and sprinkled with pistachios.

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Steamed Rice with Tart Cherries

Albalu Polo

Albalu mean 'cherry' and torsh means 'tart' in the Persian language. Looking for a unique rice recipe with a twist? Try Basmati rice steamed with sour cherries for a sweet and tangy taste.

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Persian Style Boiled Sticky Rice


Kateh is a Persian style of rice boiled until sticky. It's simple and tasty when prepared correctly. Additionally, you can add dill-weed or caraway seeds to spice up the taste, or add lentils for a nutritious meal.

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Polo vs Chelo

Persian style of cooking rice, is a two step process. The first stage, rice is cooked until slightly tender, before it is drained of all water. The second stage requires the kernels to be steamed, so as to dissipate all moisture, leaving behind light, fluffy, melt in your mouth rice.

The word 'Polo' refers to 'rice' cooked with vegetables.
The word 'Chelo' refers to plain steamed 'rice'.